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May 25, 2017 · Acai Berry: 6 Proven Scientific Benefits, Including Clear Skin + Weight Loss. Anti-inflammatory, high-antioxidant foods keep you healthy and, if sick, can bring you back to good health. Berries certainly fit the bill, and the trendy berry of the moment …

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The Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) Berry Diet is a low-calorie weight loss supplement. The juice extract, dry powder extract or the frozen pulp of this super-fruit is used as the diet supplement.[. Acai is a palm type plant that produces the berries that we are talking about.

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Acai Berry Supplements. Acai is a high potency antioxidant that helps increase vitality and combat free radicals. This superfood is grown along the Amazon River in northern parts of South America in a palm tree native peoples refer to as “the tree of life.”. This tree produces luscious purple berries full of anthocyanins and polyphenolic compounds.

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Acai berry is the fruit from the acai palm tree. Indigenous to South America where acai is a staple tropical fruit in eaten raw regularly. Supplementation of acai berry is touted to improve skin health, provide anti-oxidants, improve cardiovascular health, and aid digestion.

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Acai berry juice supplements are notoriously full of sugar and are diluted so much that they are not even worth taking for the health benefits. Just use these type of …


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Benefits of Acai Berry Supplements. Vitamins and minerals found in fresh acai berries and acai berry juices include vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Acai berries and juices also contain nutritionally beneficial amounts of dietary fiber, with one serving providing about half …

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