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Aug 16, 2017 · First things first. C02 inflators are used with Co2 canisters. These contain compressed gas. The inflator is attached to the inner tube valve, then the gas is released, inflating the tyre to 120 psi in seconds if you wish. A few years ago, you’d rarely see a rider out without a mini-pump,

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Several options available for a custom fit to your flow requirements and your budget. Whether you are pumping CO2 gas at 1,500 psi, or liquid to 6,000 psi, Maxpro has the turn key system to do it. We can also supply replacement pumps for CO2 supercritical extraction systems.

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Performance. CO2 pumps are fast and convenient and are particularly good for fast tire fills after getting flats when out on a trail or when in a road race. These benefits also have to be weighed up against the negatives, which include having a limited supply of CO2. Most people will carry 2 cartridges with them,

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Aug 20, 2018 · Liquid CO2 Pumps Take the Crown. Not all CO2 pumps are created equal. While gas CO2 pumps are much easier and cheaper to design and manufacture, liquid CO2 pumps outperform these machines. When it comes to design, liquid CO2 pumps are more complicated and expensive to produce. However, the benefits of these systems vault them to the top of the game.

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CO2 Transfer Pumps. Info CO2 Transfer Pump. 4G0010. Login for Pricing. SKU: 4G0010. Add to quote. Info Wall-Mount High/Low C02 Pump. 4G59456. Login for Pricing. SKU: 4G59456. Add to quote. Info Pump CO2 Mini. 4G59678. Login for Pricing. SKU: 4G59678. Add to quote. Info Adapter CO2 1/2 Female X 1/2 Male. 1G0172

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By regulating the RPMs of the pump, you may control the GPM being pumped and output pressure. This incorporated design technology allows you to pump liquid CO2 into a standard pressure DOT cylinder from 5-100 lb. or into a low-pressure 10,000 lb. Refrigerated storage vessel with the same pump.

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CO2 pumper og patroner - Billige minipumper med CO2

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