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ACCESSORIES. The Degen 31MS is a hanging-wire single-turn active untuned (amplified) loop antenna for MW + SW (3.9 – 22MHz), with a jack lead and a ferrite-loop coupling coil so it can be used either with receivers having an antenna connector or those with only …

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Degen DE1103 review. The Degen DE1103 is a portable continuous coverage HF receiver and also covers the VHF broadcast band. Upon first inspection the radio appears to be solidly built and is reassuringly heavy. Its compact size together with the dual alarm clock facility makes it an ideal companion when traveling.

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I have the Degen 1103 now since 3 months. As a SWL-er since 30 years I had a lot of receivers before: Grundig Satellit 3400 and several Sony’s (still have one SW77) The Degen is a neat radio that performs as well as the much more expensive Sony’s. It has a stable reception of …

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Production Notes. Kaito manufactures and sells KA1103. KA1103 is also sold as Degen (China) DE1103 short wave receiver. This unique digital radio starts FM from 76.0MHZ, most of Campus radio station can be tuned in within this range. The KA1103 can decode SSB Single Side Band broadcasts though it’s SSB circuitry, 1 kHz tuning steps and clarifier.


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The Model DE 1103 is a newcomer from DEGEN. When it appeared in the market, the radio practically attracted the attention of the radio listening enthusiasts immediately. It looks beautiful and well made, and the list of available features for the price tag makes it even more attractive,

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• Though LW doesn’t appear on the dial face, the 1103 covers LW from 100 to 519 kHz. • There is no beeper alarm, only radio. • The 1103 runs on four AA cells, not three. • There are 268 memories, but some of these are used to remember your place on each of the bands shown on the dial.

Published in: School Science and Mathematics · 1951Authors: B Clifford HendricksAffiliation: University of Nebraska Lincoln

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Degen DE660 Portable Bluetooth Speaker MP3 Player and FM Radio with Voice Prompt Built with award-winning Bluetooth technology, the Degen DE660 comes in a portable & compact size, but yet is packed with functions and features, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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As the AC Adaptor (DC06) supplied with the radio run in 220V. only, you will need to have a 110V. input 220V. output step-up power transformer to be used with the AC Adaptor (DC06). Plug the step-up transformer into the AC mains socket, then plug the AC Adaptor (DC06) into the output socket of the step-up transformer.

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View and Download DEGEN DE1103 operation manual online. PLL FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW DualConversion Synthesized World Receiver. DE1103 Receiver pdf manual download.


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DEGEN DE1103. This is a review of the Degen DE1103 – a small portable radio receiver capable of receiving longwave, mediumwave and shortwave with continuous coverage up to 29 999 kHz with SSB support on all bands, plus the OIRT/CCIR FM broadcasting band ranging from 76 to 108 MHz. The receiver is also exported to the U.S.

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