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Abductor definition, a person who abducts. See more. Who Is The Amber In AMBER Alert? The term “AMBER Alert” has become synonymous with stories of missing children.

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that which abducts; see also anatomic Table of Muscles in the Appendices. abductor (muscle) muscle that causes movement away from the median plane of body, axis of middle finger, or axis of second toe, or in the case of the thumb, anterior to the plane of the palm.

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Step 1. Hold your feet together in neutral position (at 90 degrees to your shinbone) and your lower arm bent and positioned under your head for support, while the upper arm rests upon your upper hip. Your hips and shoulder should be aligned vertically to the floor. Your head should be aligned with your spine.

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Hip Abduction Brace. Open all straps on the brace. While working on the side of the injured hip, slip the thigh portion around your leg and the waist portion around your waist, until the opening is in the front. Your leg will be positioned out to the side. Make sure that the grooves in the waist section line up in the space between your hips and ribs.

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The hip abductor muscles are responsible for lifting your thigh out to the side. They also stabilize your pelvis when you walk or stand on one leg. The primary hip abductors are the gluteus minimus and medius and the tensor fasciae latae. The sartorius and the piriformis are secondary hip abductors. Gluteus Minimus and Medius.

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Muscles worked: hip abductor muscles, including the gluteus medius. Lie on your side with your hips stacked. Support your head by folding your floor side arm under your head. Place your top hand on the floor in front of you as a reminder not to lean forward or backward. Stack and flex both feet.

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Hip Abduction Exercises. The hip abductors are located on the outer portion of the hips and they lift your legs away from your mid-line. The abductors, in conjunction with the glutes, support the pelvis. If they are weak, one or both sides of the pelvis may drop when you walk or run, affecting your form and possibly causing lower back or hip pain.

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The hip abduction brace provides support of the hip joint to allow proper healing to take place after surgery or hip dislocation. The brace limits the amount of hip movement, so normal activities such as sitting upright may not feel normal. Always follow your hip precautions when wearing your brace.

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Jan 11, 2019 · Video: Standing hip abduction with resistance tubing. Transcript. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: The standing hip abduction is an exercise you can do with resistance tubing to work the hip muscles. Specifically, the standing hip abduction targets the hip abductor muscles, which are located here, on the outside of the hips.

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Hip abductors. Treatment of hip flexor, adductor, and abductor injuries Most musculotendinous injuries of these muscles can be treated nonoperatively. Initially, rest, ice, and compression are used to reduce pain and limit inflammation. 20 After the pain subsides, the emphasis is on the range of motion.

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Dec 21, 2018 · A hip abduction pillow. is a device used to prevent your hip from moving out of the joint. The pillow is placed between your thighs and attached to your legs with straps.

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