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Nov 01, 2009 · Does anyone’s gun come with a decent unjamming rod. I got a JG G36c but there is one problem the un-jamming rod doesn’t fit my barrel. It’s too big so now if a bb gets stuck, I have to buy a new one. My friend bought a JG mp5 and it broke in his barrel and had to ship it in to get fixed. My friends Echo 1 gun’s unjamming rod doesn’t fit either.

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Oct 07, 2009 · i have shot probably about 5000 rounds through my 4 month old Airsoft gun. Last fight with my neighbors, it jammed twice and when i’m practicing it keeps jamming. Is this because it needs to be cleaned? If so how do i clean it? Finally is this actually a good gun? I think the battery broke (i have a spare) and now this.

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Nov 16, 2015 · It shoots great after I did some shimming but in the middle of a skirmish it jammed. Luckly I had my jamming rod and unjammed it. Well now I can’t get it to fire. Every round its jamming. I took apart the gun and check it over. Cleaned the barrel and checked the hop up for damage and there was none. Any advise on why it keeps jamming.

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Feb 28, 2012 · jam rod Discussion in ‘General Accessory Discussion’ started by sniperspazz, Feb hey im new to airsoft and i was in my fist war sunday and my bear m16 jamed so i used my secondary to finsh b4 i got to a bearcade and i broke the rod use to unjam it now the tip is stuck inside any ideas bc now i have welts all over bc of this crappy pice of

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Cleaning Rods Airsoft Gun. We inspected 9 top-rated Cleaning Rods airsoft guns over the past year. Uncover which Cleaning Rods airsoft gun is best for you. You can also Filter by model, Brands, type and country region of manufacture or settle upon one of our Cleaning Rods airsoft gun feature picks.

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Just like the title suggests – I tossed a bunch of old and broken bits from the box of airsoft junk and must have accidentally tossed my cleaning/unjamming rod. I know new guns come with them but I’m not ritzy enough to buy a new rifle for the rod. I also assume you can just buy one.

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May 03, 2018 · How to Prepare Yourself for a Big Airsoft Battle. To prepare yourself for an upcoming skirmish, you must follow these simple steps. Make sure you have some good guns. This Article is meant as a guide for fields or arenas and isn’t intended

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The M4 Diamond Back is perfect for anyone ready for a high quality airsoft M4 platform that’s a big step up from the competition and has room to grow. With the included one year warranty, the M4 Diamond Back from Black Ops is a full metal AEG that you can rely on.

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Tip 2: If the BB is not feeding then use un-jamming rod! Stick that un-jamming rod into the gun and the BB should pop out! 2.1.4 Which BB’s to use? Well, you don’t want to buy BB’s that are lower than .2 gram and you don’t want to buy them from a big box mark or a sporting goods store or anything like that.

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Disclaimer: . All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange. No person may openly display or expose any imitation firearm (replica firearm), in …

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Lube your airsoft gun. Proper lubrication is important to keep your airsoft gun in top shape. You can purchase a silicone spray and use your un-jamming rod to swab the internal barrel with cleaning cloth soaked with silicone lube. When doing this, make sure to turn the hop up all the way down.

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The OLD FASHION Airsoft Inner Barrel Cleaning Un-jamming Rod (430mm) $3.99. Quick view Add to Cart. Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit. $26.99. Quick view Add to Cart. Angel Custom Silicone Oil Spray Airsoft Parts Lubricant 50mL Bottle – Medium $7.99. Quick view Add to Cart. AIM All Purpose Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray for Airsoft / Firearm (QTY

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Sometimes, the “old fashion” works the best. In this case, they work the best for what they are designed for. When it comes to unjamming a bb from your inner barrel or cleaning your inner barrel, twigs and maids just won’t do the magic.

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When maintaining Airsoft guns, don’t use any mineral solvents such as WD40 or real gun oil. As good as they are for squeaky hinges, they will attack the rubber seals and ABS plastic parts of Airsoft guns and actually damage them. Only use silicone oil made for plastic and rubber parts.

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