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Tassimo T-Discs are designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa on demand. The ability to simply load a Tassimo T-Disk into a Tassimo coffee maker and be sipping a fresh cup of coffee mere minutes later was a major advance in coffee convenience.

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Apr 04, 2019 · Tassimo single-serving hot beverage machines are a quick and convenient way to get a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate exactly when you want it. The only problem is, the T-Discs can be on the costly side. Here are some tips to find Tassimo T Discs cheap, to warm you up without leaving your wallet cold. How to Get Cheap Tassimo T Discs

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The Tassimo system utilizes proprietary non-reusable plastic beverage pods, called T-Discs, which are produced and distributed by Mondelēz. A bar code on top of each T-Disc instructs the machine to use the proper brewing settings. It will then change the water temperature, the amount of water, and the brew time and strength.

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Tassimo brewers are specifically designed for quick start up times, and push-button drink making whether you want a straight coffee or a delicious flavoured latte. Tassimo coffee is sold in unique “T Discs” that use a bar-code to automatically tell your machine how to make the drink you want.T-Discs (Tassimo Discs) as they are called, are compatible only with Tassimo coffee makers.

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