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Wolverine’s clone in Logan X-24 was a fearsome Xmen movie villain but some finer points are missed. We dig into comics and more for intel on this foe

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A series of X-Men related movies series based on, or starring the Marvel superhero, Wolverine. Deadpool and Wolverine get caught up in a Fault In Our Stars parody in …

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Jul 16, 2013 · The Wolverine is the second film of the Wolverine trilogy and the sixth installment in the X-Men film series overall. Directed by James Mangold, the film is a sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand and stars Hugh Jackman, reprising the role of Wolverine, living in isolation after killing Jean Grey and

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Jul 26, 2013 · The Wolverine? The To Do List? Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger breaks them down with a little help from Hugh Jackman. 1 of 1 Weekend Ticket: Episode 20 – Hugh Jackman Which movie’s right for you this weekend? The Wolverine? The To Do List? Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger breaks them down with a little help from Hugh Jackman.

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Mar 11, 2017 · First wolverine movie starring tom hardy Wolverine, Logan, acting, marvel, comic book, costume, ripped, muscles, money,

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Wolverine will return to the screen, Marvel fans. It just won’t be Hugh Jackman playing him, and the actor still isn’t planning on coming out of retirement to team up with Deadpool. Last year saw

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